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Filer Credit Union invests into the future of our communities. The future of our communities is our youth. We give away $25,000 each year to help our young graduates succeed in their next life adventure. These scholarships are meant to not only help them financially, but also let them know their community is proud of them, and we are proud to be a part of this community. 

2024 Applications

First Year Scholarship Applications are now Open (March 29th Deadline). Thank you for applying!

Second Year Scholarships are due by May 1st 2024. 


  1. Participants must be accepted at an accredited college, university, or school for the 2023-2024 school year.
  2. The participant must be a member of Filer Credit Union.
  3. Ten winners will be chosen by a committee of judges based upon the completion of a scholarship application and submission of a ONE PAGE essay that outlines your future plans and goals.
  4. Five winners will be drawn randomly from the remaining applicants.
  5. It is not necessary to include grade transcripts, letters of reference, personal information, or social security number. However, GPA must be annotated on form or your application will not be considered. Please provide a professional photo of yourself.


Applications MUST be returned to Filer Credit Union by 3/29/2024.

Applicants are not limited to high school seniors, any person who meets the above qualifications may apply.

This is a $2,000 scholarship awarded to ten scholarship applicants based on results from the committee of judges, five $1,000 scholarships will be drawn randomly from the remaining applicants.

*Some restrictions may apply.

To download and print an application click here


Previous Scholarship Winners

Scholarship Winners 2023

  • Trevor Adamczak – Manistee High School
  • Meridee Gutowski – Kaleva Norman Dickson
  • Emily Miller – Manistee Catholic Central
  • Adam Domres – Onekama
  • Taylor Merrill – Bear Lake High School
  • Angeleah Arnold – Mason County Central
  • Carly Bennett – Onekama
  • Evalena Jeruzal – Pentwater
  • Kaylyn Johnson – Manistee Catholic Central
  • Emily Zawacki – Midland High School
  • Kyle Wojcik – Manistee Catholic Central



Scholarship Winners 2022

  • Nathan Eix-Manistee High School
  • Kaylin Sam-Onekama Consolidated Schools
  • Aiden Prince-Manistee High School
  • Megan Hrachovina-Onekama High School
  • Keera Groenwald-Bear Lake High School
  • Alyssa Jackoviak-Manistee High School
  • Gavin Rudlaff-Brethren High School
  • Madisen Clouse-Frankford Elberta High School
  • Kyle Pierce-Manistee High School
  • Ellery McIsaac-Onekama Consolidated Schools
  • Solana Postma-Manistee High School

Scholarship Winners 2021

  • Olivia Smith – Manistee High School
  • Reanna Sutter – Manistee High School
  • Benjamin Falk – Onekama High School
  • Olivia Holtgren – Manistee High School
  • Jack Holtgren – Manistee High School
  • Cameryn Sutcliffe – Manistee Catholic Central
  • Ajah Fink – Onekama High School
  • Lily Sagala – Manistee High School
  • Haylee Pepera – Manistee High School
  • Jasmine Cabarrubia – Flandreau Indian School

Scholarship Winners 2020

Our scholarship recipients are selected by a committee that is put together by Filer’s board of directors. Due to group restrictions we did this in a few rotations this year.

  • Zoee Zatarga – Ludington High School
  • Nicole Kaminski – Manistee Catholic Central
  • Claire Wittlieff – Manistee Catholic Central
  • Rylee Feliczak – Manistee Catholic Central
  • William Elbers  – Manistee High School
  • Erin Rhodea – Manistee High School
  • Aurora Johnson – Manistee High School
  • Alliyiah Torrey – Onekama High School
  • Taylor Bennett – Onekama High School
  • Sydnee Hrachovina – Onekama High School
  • Faith Kidd – ASM Tech

Scholarship Winners 2019

  • Brayden Perkins – Manistee Catholic Central
  • Benjamin Miller – Alpena Community College
  • Jaelyn Thomas – Manistee High School
  • Hunter Wojciechowski – Brethren High School
  • Charlee Schaefer – Brethren High School
  • Blake Soper – Onekama High School

Scholarship Winners 2017

  • Katelyn Pruyne – Academy of Math, Science, and Technology
  • Molly McLinden – Manistee Catholic
  • Marie Falls – Brethren High School
  • Kyle Schaubroeck – Manistee High
  • Syriah Dobis – Manistee High
  • Joshua Robles – Manistee High

College students who received the award in past years are eligible to renew their scholarship for 1 additional year assuming they meet all of the eligibility requirements. Filer Credit Union was pleased to award 6 renewals for the following academic year. Those recipients were:

  • Katie Jacobi – Manistee
  • Justin Feliczak – Manistee Catholic
  • Mackenzie Warlin – Onekama
  • Naomi Mason – Brethren
  • Jodi Janowiak – Manistee Catholic
  • Lexi Alexander – Grand Haven
  • Mallory Stefanski – Manistee