Growing Together

It’s time. It’s time to join the movement and start making the right financial decision. It’s not hard. In fact, you can accomplish 99% of the required work online by clicking “Become a Member” in the top right corner of this screen.

How to Open a Membership

Option 1: Visit a Filer Credit Union branch and have a member of our team walk you through the process.

Option 2: Apply online to Become A Member You will have to come into one of our branches eventually because we like to meet you, but we promise it won’t take long.

Due to the U.S. Patriot Act, a valid photo ID and your social security card are required to open an account.

Also, all credit unions have certain criteria for membership. If you meet any of the criteria listed below, then we can’t wait for you to join!

Primary Qualifications for Membership

  • Live, work or worship in:
    • Manistee, Mason, Lake, Wexford, Grand Traverse, or Benzie Counties (Michigan)

If those don’t work, try the below.

Other Potential Qualifications for Membership

  • Any person who receives a retirement annuity, pension, social security or similar retirement payment from private or government sources, and lives in, or belongs to a retirement organization located in the county, or in a county contiguous to the county where the credit union’s principal place of business is located (Manistee)
  • If someone in your family is a member, then you can join too!