Student Loans

It’s time to rethink Student Loans, and with that, did you know your local credit union will provide you with the funds you need to get through college? It gives a whole new dimension to the idea of keeping your business local. At Filer, we get it done TOGETHER.

Student Choice

That being said, Student Loans are a very unique type of loan, and to help us process your requests, Filer Credit Union has teamed with the experts from Student Choice. If you’re interested in this product, click here to apply online.

Need to refinance an educational loan not through Student Choice loans? They can help you with that too! To look into the refinance product, you’ll find more information here.

Have more questions about loans, repayment options or to see if a refinance is the right option for you? Student Choice also offers in-house College Access Counselors, reachable through here.

If you have any questions or concerns about our student loan options, please call Filer directly at 1-800-595-6630.

Also, don’t forget about shared branching. Just because you’re going away to college doesn’t mean you can’t bring your favorite credit union with you. We have hundreds of surcharge free ATMs and network branches across the Midwest. Find one near where you’ll be going.