FCU Deals

Across this website, you’ll find information on great deals that you receive at Filer Credit Union. In fact, one of the hard things about credit unions is remembering all the places you get free stuff and discounts. However, some perks just deserve a page of their own. Read below for information on how to receive discounts on everything from Turbo Tax, Sprint, your online shopping, to even your next car. THIS is the credit union difference!

Year End Dividends

Over the past 3 years, Filer Credit Union has given over $220,000 back to the members in the form of year end dividends. That’s about $75,000 in cash that we deposited into the accounts every year just because we’re awesome like that. Does your bank do that? Didn’t think so…

Discounts, BIG DISCOUNTS – Just for Being a Member

LoveMyCUSprint: Receive a discount on your regularly priced monthly service and waived activation and upgrade fees. Find your discount.

TruStage: Credit union members can save money on auto, property, and life insurance. Find your discount.

Turbo Tax: Save up to $15 on TurboTax Federal tax products with the credit union member discount. Find your discount.

Credit Union Auto Club: Save up to 50% off popular plans with Roadside Assistance, including family plans, with a Credit Union Auto Club Discount. Find your discount.

DIRECTV: Credit Union members save over $200 on DIRECTV. Find your discount.

Love to Shop: a fun and easy way to earn cash back when you shop online at your favorite stores. Credit union members receive cash back for every purchase at over 1,500 online retailers.

ADT: Protect your home and get $425 in exclusive credit union member savings. Find your discount.

Allied: Credit Union members receive over 60% off on interstate moves. Find your discount.

Some restrictions apply to the above offers. Everything listed is a complimentary service offered to all credit union members.

Some General Credit Union Perks

Shared BranchingTR007476

We know how annoying it is to join a financial institution and lose all access to free ATMs as soon as your drive more than 15 minutes from your house. To solve this problem, Filer Credit Union has teamed up with Xtend Shared branching services to offer 200 convenient locations across Michigan and Northern Indiana. Find one near you!

Free Notary and Medallion

Are you saying that your bank actually charged you just to use their notary services? That’s not cool! Stop what you’re doing right now, and drive to Filer for free Notary and Medallion. It’s free, like it should be.