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E-Services by Filer Credit Union

Manage My Cards

With fraud becoming an evermore present concern, we all want to be able to view our card activity in real time. On the Filer Credit Union app you can manage your cards from the palm of your hand!

What does that mean? Mobile App Card Controls gives our members more control over when their plastic is available, limiting the window of opportunity for fraudulent or unauthorized use. Members can simply follow the process to quickly and easily deactivate and reactivate their plastics with the touch of a button.

Temporarily Lock Your Credit & Debit Cards

As always, you can call us at either location if you are experiencing issues with your cards. Unfortunately, problems do arise after hours and you no longer have to wait until the new business day to freeze your cards. You can freeze/unfreeze your card with a simple tap.

Activity Alert Settings

Do you want to receive an alert every time your card is used? Now you can! There are multiple options whether you want to know EVERY time you card is used, or over certain thresholds.

Please note it is highly encouraged to keep the alert set for every transaction because when fraud occurs, usually the account is tested at a low amount you wouldn’t realize. Then, they go for larger amounts once they know it’s allowed. Having it set for every transaction will notify you right away giving you time to freeze your card if it is a transaction you do not recognize.

Remote Deposit Capture

Mobile deposit allows you to take your banking with you wherever you are. With a simple click, you can deposit your checks right from your phone.

To enable the feature, download our mobile app from the Play or App Store. If you already have the app, check to make sure it has been updated to the latest version, and then go to the Move Money button on the home page. The app will walk you through the process from there.* If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us as (231) 723-3400 or (800) 595-6630.

Bill Pay

Filer Credit Union offers a convenient way to pay your bills and manage your monthly expenses. Log in to your online banking account, and go to “Pay & Transfer” to enroll in the service.