Scholarship Application

General Scholarship Criteria

  • Participants must be accepted at an accredited college, university or school within the state of Michigan for the 2018-2019 school year.
  • The participant or the participant’s parent(s) must be a member of filer credit union.
  • Winners will be chosen by a committee of judges based upon the completion of a scholarship application.
  • It is not necessary to include grade transcripts, letters of reference, personal information or social security number. However, gpa must be annotated on form or your application will not be considered.  Please provide a current photo of yourself.
  • Applications must be returned to filer credit union by 5/1/18.  Applicants are not limited to high school seniors, any person who meets the above qualifications may apply.
  • This is a $1000.00 scholarship the 1st year and if awarded, you can reapply for another $1,000* for a second year.

*Some restrictions may apply.