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We are offering business accounts with NO FEES!  Here is a comprehensive list of services we are offering our business account members.

Businesses we work with…

Once you and all of your business principals have been cleared to be eligible for membership by qualifying for one of the below criteria, we have a wide range of business products for the following business types:

  • Corporations & Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Sole proprietorship

What you need to get started…

In order to streamline the process when opening your business accounts with Filer Credit Union, we have outlined our simple checklist of what you should plan to bring in when you meet with one of our Member Service Representatives:

  • Tax Identification Number
  • Articles of Organization/ Corporation Bylaws
  • Social Security number of all signers
  • Date of Birth for all signers
  • Proof of address – if different than ID
  • Physical address of business

Business Products

Savings Accounts

All the perks you expect with a personal savings account, but applies to your business!

  • Fees : NONE!
  • Minimum balance : $5.00 membership deposit
  • Withdrawals per month : 6 withdrawals (Regulation D set by Federal Reserve Bank)
  • Dividends/Interest : Compounded monthly. Credited monthly.

Checking Accounts

You won’t find many free checking accounts for businesses in today’s day in age, unless you meet a LONG list of requirements and stipulations on how you can interact with YOUR money.  We keep it simple at Filer…

  • Fees : NONE!
  • Service Charges : NONE!
  • Minimum balance : NONE!

Business Lending

We now offer business lending!  We have Business Term Loans, Business Lines of Credit & Credit Cards, Equipment Loans and Commercial Real Estate Loans. Contact our commercial lender, Shannon Eddy,  today to find out more! seddy@filercu.com  or call 231-723-3400

Merchant Service

We can help get your business a fast, secure, and reliable way to take card payments, whether by a card machine, online payment or phone and mail payments. We do the leg work and you will be contacted by a representative from our vendors.

Money Markets

Let your excess money grow, and grow with confidence with money markets at Filer for our business customers.

  • Fees : NONE! for the first 4 withdrawals in a month. ($10 per occurrence thereafter )
  • Minimum balance : $2,500.00
  • Minimum deposit : $100.00
  • Withdrawals per month : 4 withdrawals ($10 per occurrence thereafter )
  • Dividends/Interest : Tiered Rate. Compounded monthly. Credited monthly.


  • Minimum balance : $1,000
  • Dividends/Interest : Tiered Rate. Compounded monthly. Credited monthly.
  • Early withdrawal penalty : 1 year interest

Get Started Today!

Contact a member service representative today and learn more about what we can do for your business.