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$500 FAST, no credit check

Quick Cash

Too, too, too many people are turning to Payday lending and Cash Advances to meet their short term money needs. Those loans are NOT in your best interest. If Payday lenders were required to advertise their effective APRs, consumers would see that they are often paying interest rates of literally 700%. That’s not a typo.

Enter Filer Credit Union. No more Payday lenders. No more Cash Advance. If you have a short term cash need, come to Filer and get a no-questions asked, no credit pulled loan for $500. We’ll even give you 3 months to pay it back, and we will NOT charge you 700%.

The Mobile App Has Arrived!

The MOBILE APP – it’s here

You can download the app from whatever store you’re comfortable with, but here are a few links to the larger download sites.


Google Play


Voted Best Financial Institution 2014


We are pleased to announce that Filer Credit Union has been named Best Financial Institution by the Manistee News Advocate’s “The Best of People’s Choice” Awards.

Thank you to all of our members who truly inspire us to come to work every day. We are pleased to serve, and we’re thrilled to know you feel the same way.

Best Financial 14

Student Loans Available-Keep it Local

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VISA Gift Cards and Travel Money Cards- Great for Graduations and Weddings


Discounts to Our Members

Credit Union Auto Club

 Member Cellular Discounts with Sprint
Up to 10% discount. Exclusive Member Savings On Car Insurance. Get A Quote

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