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USA Today has reported that half of men and women aged 18-24 have used alternative financials institutions. Those are the Cash Advance, Payday Lenders, and Pawn Shops. Did you know that when you go there, you’re literally paying upwards of 200-300% APR? We’re not even sure how that’s legal because if that’s not usury, then what is?

The problem, as USA Today also reports, is that too many young people are lacking in financial knowledge. That is, they don’t even realize there are MUCH better options available. The first step, as it often is, is education.

Take the time to learn about finances. Don’t assume you know enough. This industry is so complex that it literally would take a lifetime to figure out all the little ins and outs and where predatory lenders (they’re out there) will try and get you. Also, don’t knock the football game that you see below until you try it because it’s surprisingly addicting.



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