Breaking up is hard to do, whatever the circumstances. When you break up with your financial institution, there’s some clean up that needs to happen. But this time, you’re not getting your favorite sweatshirt and movie back. You’re transferring sensitive financial information, and let’s be honest, it’s a hassle! It’s a lot of work to move things around!

But at Filer Credit Union, we can’t wait for you to join us, and because we know the biggest challenge is usually breaking up with your old bank, we’ve made the process as easy as possible. Take advantage of our new switch kit when you decide the time is right to join the credit union.

All the forms you need to close your account at your current institution and move here can be found below.

Direct Deposit Change Request – The first thing you need to do is make sure that you have money coming into your new account. Fill this form out and give it to your HR or payroll department. This has the information they need to start sending your direct deposit to your new account.

Authorization for Transferring Payments – This form will tell your cable or cell phone company to stop taking payments from your old bank account and start using the new account. This form switches your automatic payment from your old institution to the new one.

Authorization for Canceling Payment – This is similar to the above form, in that you use it tell companies to stop taking payments from your old bank account, but this form does not have your new account information on it. It’s here just in case you need it. This form only cancels your automatic payments.

Account Close Form – This closes your old account. It’s like the Dear John letter for your old financial institution. The form has all the wording you should need in order to close out your current account. Just fill this out and send it in.

Other Forms You Might Need

Automatic Payment Authorization – If you already cancelled your automatic payments, you can send this to the companies you shop with to allow them to take automatic payments from your new account.

Direct Deposit Authorization – If you have never set up direct deposit, then you can use this form to get set up at Filer Credit Union. It will need to go to your HR or Payroll department.