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Filer Credit Union is proud to promote its member owned local businesses. If you’re in need of services, click one of the below images for more information. If you would like to have your business added to list, please fill out this form and return it to our office. If you prefer email, send the form to, or fax it to (231) 723 – 7798.

Disclosure: Filer Credit Union does not warrant or guarantee any work/product  provided through these companies. These companies are not affiliates of Filer Credit Union, and any discounts offered are not discounts of the credit union. Filer Credit Union reserves the right to discontinue displaying this information at any time.

Health/ Fitness                                                   Auto

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Lodging                                                               Cleaning Services

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Outdoor/Recreation                                          Home Improvement/Outdoor Services

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Beauty/Clothes                                                    IT Services

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Entertainment                                                     Day Care

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Home Accessories                                                 Food/Restaurant

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Greenery                                                                Photography

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Tutoring                                                                 Miscellaneous

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