The 3rd Annual Filer Credit Union Prize Disc Scavenger Hunt is back by popular demand. The prizes are bigger. The clues are tougher. And best of all? You choose the prize that best fits you!

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Week 4 Winner Announced! The disc was located last night in Memorial Park in Manistee. Credit goes to Rochelle Willim and Kayla Willim for locating it in the bushes to the right of the band shell in the park. Now for the clues. The park is built in honor of Manistee County Veterans, so all of the clues had some connection to various wars and the heroes who served us in them. “London bridge is falling down and Manistee was sunk.” The SS Manistee was a British steam ship that was sunk during World War II and just happened to share its name with our fair city. Other ships named Manistee have wrecked, but hopefully the reference to London Bridge made you think of London and the heroic veterans who served in that war, not to mention the air battles that threatened that city during WW2. “Tales of London, Tales of France…” was a somewhat vague reference to the many World War I Manistee veterans who are honored in the park and who would have been able to tell many stories of those places. The third clue referenced McCormick and Hyland, who were two Manistee veterans who served and died during the Civil War and were awarded the Medal of Honor for their service. Today’s clue would have been “Ring around the rosie, pockets full of poppies,” which of course references the flower that is used to honor all of our veterans. We want to take a moment to thank everyone for participating in this year’s Scavenger Hunt and to the many veterans who have served us over the years and given us the opportunity to LIVE FREE. We hope to be back next year with another Scavenger Hunt. In the mean time, the Willims are going to CHICAGO!

How it works: Every Monday in September, Filer Credit Union employees will hide the below prize disk somewhere in Manistee.  Clues as to the whereabouts of the Prize Disc will be posted on our website and on Facebook. Each day, we will post another clue that gives a slightly more specific location. When you see the disc, grab it. Don’t fight (too much…), but seriously, the prizes are worth your efforts. Bring in the disc, and we’ll give you your prize. A new disc will be placed every week. Follow us on Facebook for the best chances to win. Good hunting.

Prize Disk

Prizes: Winners will again be allowed to choose their prize from the following list.

Prize List and Rules

  • Sharp 50″ LED 1080p Smart HDTV Roku TV
  • $300 Crystal Mountain Gift Certificate – The $300 gift certificate can be used for anything on Crystal Mountain grounds, from skiing and lodging, to the spa and restaurant, and even the resort’s summer activities such as golf and the water park.
  • DJI Phantom 3 Drone – This official DJI refurbished model is a popular model for both beginners and experts, and the control stick allows you to connect your tablet or smart phone for first person flying.
  • Date Night in Chicago – North Country Sky and Manistee Blacker Airport have donated 2 round trip tickets from Manistee to Chicago. Big thank you to their organizations! Filer Credit Union will give you $300 on top of that to use on your trip. This is the perfect prize for couples looking to get away, friends out to do some shopping, or even a frequent traveler who wants to get that first leg of the journey paid for.

Please note that once a prize is claimed by a contestant, it is no longer available for future contestants. This list applies to the 2017 Filer Credit Union Scavenger Hunt only. Prizes must be claimed during the month of September 2017. Discs returned after that time may not be honored. Prizes may not be exchanged for cash. In order to claim a prize, contestants must locate and return the Prize Disc that corresponds that week of the contest. Different discs are used for different weeks, and contestants may not use one disc for another week. Filer Credit Union reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time. If Filer Credit Union determines, in its sole discretion, that an individual has obtained knowledge of the whereabouts of the disc in an unethical manner, then Filer Credit Union reserves the right to honor that individual’s request for a prize. Unethical behavior is defined as: acting outside the spirit of the competition, such as spying on Filer Credit Union employees who are hiding the disc or obtaining information on the whereabouts of the disc without the consent of Filer Credit Union. In the event an individual has previously or is currently a member of Filer Credit Union and that individual has a documented history of defrauding the credit union, Filer Credit Union reserves the right to refuse issuance of a prize up the amount of that individual’s negative account balance with the credit union. Filer Credit Union Employees and their immediate family members are not authorized to participate in this promotion and claim a prize.


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