Online and Phone

FCU Online

eStatements – Every month you receive statements on your account that just summarize your activity and give you a snapshot of your relationship with us. Sign up for eStatements and we’ll get them to you on your computer, plus we’ll pay you an extra dividend just for signing up! We promise not to send you an overload of advertisements, and we won’t send any of your personal account information through email. It works for us because, on the one hand, we like trees, and on the other hand, sending eStatements allows us to find more time for improving the credit union we know you love. To sign up, either log into online banking or give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you out.

Online Banking – Remember when we all realized how great ATMs were? Online banking is just as great, and you get to do it from your living room (or Hawaii, if you prefer). Make account transfers, open new accounts like CDs or sub shares, transfer funds to other members’ accounts, and much more. You can basically do everything online that you would have done at the credit union, except print money out of your printer (don’t do that). Before starting online banking, we like you to call our office and let us sign you up (that’s a security measure to make sure that someone else isn’t trying to break into your account). Just call us at 1-800-595-6630, and we’ll help you get started.

Bill Pay – The credit union pays your bills? Well, sort of. We’ll make the payments by taking the money out of your account. The benefit is that you don’t need to worry about doing it every month, and we’ll keep an annual record of your payment history that you can access at any time. To sign up, either call or go online.

Money Desktop – We understand that some of you will still prefer to have accounts at other financial institutions, but we know from personal experience that it’s really tough to keep track of all that. So we offer Money Desktop. Once in money desktop, you can view your balances in all of your institutions at one time. Each account that you access will automatically be saved in Money Desktop and will update automatically. To sign up, log into online banking and go into the Personal Finance tab on the home screen.

Apply for a loan online – We know what it’s like to have 16 things on your list every single day (that’s about one item per waking hour). To help, we offer you the option to apply for your loan online. Pull up the application, and we’ll call you with any questions we have. We may still need you to stop by for final approval, but it’ll only take a moment, we promise.

FCU On Your Phone or Tablet

Mobile App – The mobile app is the logical next step in banking. Don’t be the guy who keeps trying to use his phone to log into online banking on the normal website. You can do basically everything from the mobile app that you can do in online banking. Download the app from wherever you prefer, but here are a few of the popular options: Google Play, iTunes.


Text Banking – You can enroll as many mobile phones as you wish. Enrolling a phone
means you can send messages to It’s Me 247 Text Banking and receive information about the accounts under this membership. For example, if you want to know your account balance, send a message and you’ll get a response with the balance. If you have more than one membership at the credit union, you can use nicknames to tell them apart. Click the Go Mobile button in your ItsMe247 online banking to get started. Standard text messaging fees may apply from your carrier.

Audio – Access your accounts, make transactions, pay your loans and more with one phone call. Maybe you don’t have your smart phone or a computer, but it’s the eleventh hour (just a figure of speech), and your loan payment is due. You can get it in on time with FCU Audio Services.

The number to call: 1 (800) 860 – 5704
Credit Union Access Code: 035

Your member number refers to your account number. First time users, your pin is the last four of your SSN. You will be prompted to change it upon logging in.

Also, when entering dollar amounts, decimals are not required. For example. $25.00 is simple 2500.