Member Loans/Visa

200247277-001For those “didn’t see that coming” times in your life, Filer Credit Union offers a series of loans to help in either the best or the worst of times. We even offer a First Time Borrower credit card to help members build some credit, so when they are ready to make a larger purchase they can show some credit history.

Or maybe you’re in need of a VISA for your ongoing expenses. Filer has a great rewards program! We’ll even let you in on a secret. You can pay off your balance each month before the interest accrues, and you will still get the rewards. Why? Because you own this place! That’s the credit union difference.

VISA Application (a quick word from our lawyers)

Popular Loans

VISA: Everyone can find use for a VISA. Filer Credit Union’s VISA’s stand out thanks to the excellent rewards program and convenience for members. When you access your checking and savings accounts with us online, you can pay off your VISA balance right then and there. You can also take advantage of our Cash Advance program, so you can stop taking out loans from the local pawn shop or Payday Lender (see our Quick Cash loan for more information on that). Click here to redeem your VISA Rewards or call 800-854-0790

Unsecured: Cash for whatever you may need it for. The terms and structures vary, but getting your money is as simple as signing on the dotted line.

Consolidation: If you feel like you just have WAY too many loans, we might be able to help. You might be able to consolidate them into one loan to simplify your monthly bills and save a little extra money.

Quick Cash: Too, too, too many people are turning to Payday lending and Check Cashing outlets to meet their short term money needs. Those loans are NOT in your best interest. If Payday lenders were required to advertise their effective APRs, consumers would see that they are often paying interest rates of literally 700%. That’s not a typo.

Enter Filer Credit Union. No more Payday lenders. No more Cash Advance. If you have a short term cash need, come to Filer and get a no-questions asked, no credit pulled loan for $500. We’ll even give you 3 months to pay it back, and we will NOT charge you 700%.