Drive Smart Program

Filer Credit Union is thrilled to announce its new auto loan program… Drive Smart

Filer Credit Union has teamed up with a national partner, Auto Financial Group (AFG) to bring you Drive Smart. Here are the basic details; during the life of the loan, you may sell your vehicle, trade it in, refinance or pay it off at any time without an early termination fee. Or at the end of the loan, you may simply walk away from the final balloon payment and turn the vehicle in. Here is a summary of our new and exciting program:


The Filer Credit Union Drive Smart program offers monthly payments up to 40% LOWER than conventional financing options!

EXAMPLE: A vehicle with a loan amount of $30,000 (as shown above), a term of 36-months and a Guaranteed Future Value of $16,500.

Financing OptionConventional LoanFCU Drive Smart Program
Loan Amount$30,000$30,000
Monthly Payments$869.13$464.80*
*With the Drive Smart Program, Payments 1-35 are $464.80 with the 36th payment of $16,500 (guaranteed future value)

In this example, you have saved $404.33/month over a conventional loan.

Guaranteed Future Value options at loan maturity:

  • TRADE IN vehicle and apply positive equity towards your next vehicle purchase
  • Make final balloon payment (Guaranteed Future Value) & KEEP your vehicle.
  • TURN IN vehicle & “WALK AWAY” from the final payment

Drive Smart Program Details

Term Options: 24-72 months

Eligible Vehicles: Future Year, Current Year and up to 5 year used*!

Mileage Options: 12,000, 15,000 or 18,000 per annum (in addition to current mileage on the odometer at loan origination) – similar to a conventional lease option if you are purchasing a new vehicle.

Borrower Fees: There are NO upfront fees (such as acquisition fees or security deposits), and there is NO prepayment penalties or early termination fees. FCU members will only pay fees if they use the Walkaway option: Over-mileage, Disposition Fee, and Excess Wear and Tear (if the vehicle has any at the end of the term).

Over Mileage Fee: $0.10/mile
Disposition Fee: $195
Additional Millage Option: AFG has an option which provides the borrower with a maximum $1,500 allowance towards excess mileage charges on surrendered vehicles.

Contact a Filer Credit Union Loan Officer TODAY to learn more and how you can save money on your auto loan payments!

Program Exclusions: No Grey Market, Lemon Law, or Salvaged Titles, Program does not qualify for “Skip-A-Pay” vehicles with MSRP over $75,000 and over $20,000 may be subject to additional insurance enrollment fee.

Residual Value: Created by Automotive Lease Guide and Insured by RVI America

AFG Guarantee to Financial Institution: 100% of Residual Value provided by AFG Calculator Website

*Milage limitations based on your vehicle year are as follows: Future Year: 30,000, Current Year, 30,000, 1 year used: 45,000, 2 year used: 60,000, 3 year used: 75,000, 4 year used: 90,000, 5 year used: 105,000.