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Take Filer Credit Union with you… EVERYWHERE!

When you need access to your accounts, at anytime of day, in pretty much any condition, Filer’s broad online e-services is sure to fit your needs.  With our sophisticated mobile app (equipped with ever-changing upgrades and modifications to make your banking life easier), a robust online banking presence and fully connected shared branching community, we have you covered.  Learn more about our e-services below.

Download the app from wherever you prefer, but here are a few of the popular options: Google PlayiTunes.

Mobile Banking: If you can get it done in online banking, then you can get it done with your phone. The Filer Credit Union Mobile App is an easy, secure way to handle your finances.

Mobile Deposit: Deposit checks on your phone with the click of a button via the Filer Credit Union mobile app. Go to your app, and select “Move Money” for more information.

Pay Bills: Filer Credit Union offers a convenient way to pay your bills and manage your monthly expenses. Log in to your online banking account, and go to “Pay & Transfer” to enroll in the service.

More Cool Stuff…

Secure Online Storage: Store your sensitive electronic documents in our free online security locker. It’s basically like Google Docs, but we’re not a faceless multi-national corporation, and we took the time to make sure your data is safe!

Manage All Your Accounts from One Location: Take control of your finances with online banking, where you can quickly and easily manage all of your financial accounts. Do you have accounts at multiple financial institutions? With Filer Credit Union’s Money Desktop, you can manage all of those accounts at once.

Apply for a loan online: Check out our selection of loans – it only takes a few minutes to apply online. We have great rates and terms that will fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re eyeing a new car or need help with unexpected expenses, let your credit union help!

Purchase a New Certificate: Open a certificate online today. Pick a term that works for you, choose an account to transfer from, and even add a beneficiary name. Your new account will start earning dividends right away.

Open a New Savings or Checking Account: Organize your life and make your money work harder for you! With just a few clicks you can open a new saving or checking account online, then transfer money to it from one of your other accounts

First Time Login Access: For security purposes, first time users of online banking will need to contact a member services representative to get set up. Just call us at 1-800-595-6630, and we’ll help you get started.

*Some restrictions apply to eProducts and Services. If you have questions or are having trouble accessing any of these features, please contact us at 1-800-595-6630.