Deposit Accounts

skd187834sdcFirst of all, we challenge you to find a better deposit program. Filer Credit Union has made its name by offering a premier deposit program, where members can feel confident that there money is safe and that they are receiving the return they deserve. Over the past three years, Filer has given out over $220,000 in year end dividends alone. That’s on top of the normal monthly interest that members receive. Even in this low interest rate environment, Filer has continued its longtime commitment of making sure the owners of the credit union (that’s you) receive a robust return. That’s the credit union difference.

Premium Membership – Take advantage of your credit union. Too many members don’t even realize all of the free benefits that come along with a credit union membership. To be honest, if you were to go to the bank, you’d be paying for a lot of these services. The premium package is designed to help you help yourself. When you enroll, you’ll be signed up for Regular Shares, Share Draft, Debit Card, Online Banking, and eStatements.

Types of Deposit Accounts

Share Account: This is your main account. When opened with a $5.00 deposit, it establishes your membership. You are then eligible for other Credit Union services and have voting rights.

Share Draft (Checking) Account: Filer Credit Union’s checking accounts are the best in the business! No monthly service fees, no minimum balance, unlimited check writing, overdraft protection, AND we even pay you dividends on the account. Nobody pays dividends on checking accounts anymore (except us, of course)!

Teen Saver Checking Account (NEW): Now teenagers between 13 and 17 years old can have a Teen Saver Checking Account!  There are a few rules though:

  • Teen must be able to sign their name
  • Teen must have parent or guardian on the account with them
  • Teen must provide Social Security number
  • Teen must provide one of the following: Birth Certificate/Valid Driver’s License/State ID/School ID/Passport
  • Parent/Guardian must provide Social Security number
  • Parent/Guardian must provide one of the following: Valid Driver’s License/State ID/Passport

What are the benefits of this Teen Saver Checking Account:

  • Qualifies for a debit card with a $200 limit
  • Can access the account through mobile banking
  • Can use Remote Deposit Capture
  • Can turn on Parental Controls, such as: text banking, e-alerts, e-notices.
  • Teens learn how to make deposits, use a debit card, use mobile banking, and keep track of their funds.
  • No monthly fees

Money Market Account: If you have some money saved up that you don’t plan on using for the next few months, then this is where you put it. It’s really just a higher yielding share account. The only restrictions are that there is a minimum balance of $2,500 and a maximum of 4 withdrawals a month with a minimum withdrawal of $100.00. There are no fees charged when taking out your money.

Certificates of Deposit: CDs tend to be the most common way members save their money. When you open a CD, you basically loan your money to the credit union for the agreed upon term, and we pay you interest on it. Our CDs offer high-yield investment options for short and long-term savings. We have a wide variety of terms available from six months to five years. If you’re especially ambitious, try the Save to Win CD. On top of your monthly interest payments, you also get entered into a lottery to win extra cash. Filer Credit Union has had around a dozen winners over the past few years. Call for more details and click here for the official Save to Win rules.

Gen Z CD5 percent

We’re investing in our future with $200 / 36 month CDs for our younger members with great rates! We dare you to find a better rate… Some restrictions apply. Each member must apply for the Certificate of Deposit on or before their 18th birthday. For more information, please contact a Member Service representative.

IRA Account: Highly competitive rates and low minimum balance requirements make Filer Credit Union’s IRAs attractive for all. We offer the Traditional IRA and the Roth IRA. Long term, higher rate certificates of deposit are also available as an IRA option.

Health Savings (Checking) Account: See complete information here.

Christmas Club Account: This account helps you save just for Christmas. You may deposit as much as you want whenever you want. On November 1 of each year the money that has accumulated in your Christmas Club account is put in your share account and you are then ready to tackle that Christmas shopping.

Savings Rates - Effective Wednesday, February 9, 2022
SUB SHARES0.1% $25
SUB SHARES0.1% $15,000
  • Minimum Balance reflects minimum required amount to earn interest.
  • Fees may reduce earnings on your account 
  • APY: Annual Percentage Yield
Certificate Rates - Effective Monday, October 3, 2022
Certificate TermAPYMinimum Deposit
6 MONTH MIN $ 1,0000.91%$1,000
12 MONTH MIN $ 1,0001.01%$1,000
18 MONTH MIN $ 1,0001.11%$1,000
24 MONTH MIN $ 1,0001.21%$1,000
36 MONTH MIN $ 1,0001.66%$1,000
48 MONTH MIN $ 1,0001.92%$1,000
60 MONTH MIN $ 1,0002.17%$1,000
12 MO SAVE TO WIN CD1.01%$25
6 MONTH MIN $25,0000.96%$25,000
12 MONTH MIN $25,0001.06%$25,000
18 MONTH MIN $25,0001.16%$25,000
24 MONTH MIN $25,0001.31%$25,000
36 MONTH MIN $25,0001.76%$25,000
48 MONTH MIN $25,0002.02%$25,000
60 MONTH MIN $25,0002.27%$25,000
  • Early withdrawal penalties may apply