You may have heard that credit unions are known to have a little bit of a reputation. We tend to pay more on your savings accounts and charge you less on your loans. It’s true. We’ve come to terms with it. It’s part of our George Bailey business approach to banking that puts people before profits.

In fact, Filer Credit Union awarded approximately $850,000 in dividends during 2017 to its members! A quarter million of that, nearly $250,000, was given out in year end bonuses alone! Furthermore, over the past 5 years, Filer Credit Union has paid out over $500,000 just in year end dividends. That’s ON TOP of the regular money members receive on CDs, Money Markets, Savings, and everything else.

When you hear us talking about the credit union difference, this is what we’re talking about. It’s not just a great atmosphere with nice service representatives who are great at remembering your name, but yes we do that too. Being a credit union member puts money back in your pocket! And why not? YOU OWN THIS PLACE!