Stimulus Information

What to expect with the next round of expected government stimulus payments…
Here is a quick list of frequently asked questions so you know what you can do if you are expected to receive the next government stimulus payment.

Q: Are you expecting your stimulus check to be electronically deposited?
A: Funds are deposited into FCU accounts in batches (usually in the middle of the night) – if you DO NOT SEE it in your online banking account or in your pending ACH transactions, check the following morning (you do not need to login throughout the day to check the status).

Q: Can I be alerted when my stimulus is deposited?
A: Yes, you can sign-up for eAlerts in your online banking portal and you can be notified when your ACH is posted to your account – this is also helpful for any other electronic payments you may receive on your account.

Q: Can I get access to my stimulus funds early?
A: Yes, when you see that the ACH for the Government Stimulus is Pending in your ACH transactions, you can use our “Instant Deposit” feature and you can instantly gain access to your funds – please note that a $10 fee will be applied for using this tool. You can learn more about this here.

Q: I am expecting a check to me mailed, when can I expect to receive it?
A: Unfortunately, we are not sure when the Government will start mailing physical checks to eligible recipients of the Stimulus.

Q: How do I know if I am eligible to receive a payment this time around?
A: There are various factors to determine your eligibility, and unfortunately, FCU does not know all of the factors for each of our members, however, if you work with a CPA or a tax professional who prepares your income tax return, we recommend reaching out to them for assistance.