Payveris/ Bill Pay

Our Payveris/Bill Pay appears to be back in working order.

We were notified that a high number of our electronic bill payments were rejected last night. All customers/members who had a rejected payment received an automated email notification stating their payment could not be applied to their payees account and that the funds will be returned to them. It also instructed them to set up a new payment.

We have found the root cause of the issue and are working to fix it for this evenings files.

We evaluated resubmitting the payments; however, since users have been setting up new payments there is a high risk of duplicate payments. The lowest risk option is for users to set up a new payment, as they have already been instructed, and for Payveris to follow the standard process routing funds back to customers/members accounts through PaySafe. They will see the credit posted by 5:30pm EST onTuesday, November 6, 2018.

We apologize for your inconvenience. PLEASE bring in your next bill if you receive a late charge because of this incident and we will cover it for you.

Thank you for your patience!