Automobiles For Sale

Accepting Bids

Until 5pm Friday, May 3rd, 2019

2011 Chrysler 200


VIN: 1C3BC1FG9BN569465 

Mileage 96,344

Needs new battery

Not sure what else is wrong with it

Some damage to front bumper

Will need a good cleaning

NO testing driving

Information Sheet

2011 Chevy Cruze Eco


VIN: G1PK5S90B7161906 

Mileage 163,945

Battery will need to be charged

When we tried starting it the car made a clicking noise and wouldn’t start (maybe bad starter), maybe other issues but not sure

Has flat tires

A backdoor window is missing (it’s been duct taped)

Will need a good cleaning

NO testing driving

Information Sheet

2008 Ford Explorer



Mileage 180,310

4WD (not sure if it works)

Check engine light is on as well as gas cap light

There is a little rust on the back where the license plate goes as well as a dent close to the same area

Has a working moonroof

Seats 5 (no 3rd row)

Tan seats that are a little dirty

15 minute test drives*

*Must see Kari for test drives

Information Sheet

**There is no minimum bid on any of them and are being sold as is. Once we open the bids the highest bidder will be notified after 5pm. The vehicles will be on our website, Craig’s List, and view able at our 28th St location.

Filer Credit Union reserves the right to reject any and all bids. If you have any questions, please contact:

Kari at Filer Credit Union at (231) 723-3400 ext. 128

Use this form for your bid: Repo Bid Form

Send your sealed bid to any of the below:

Filer Credit Union
Collections Dept
PO Box 375
Manistee, Mi 49660-0375
Or drop off your sealed bid at either branch location:
1117 28th St or 1778 Kemmer Rd