Move Between Accounts in Online Banking

Filer Credit Union has added a new feature to online banking that will hopefully improve our members online banking experience. If you have multiple account numbers that you track online, you now have the ability to move from one account to another without signing out and logging back in.

In the below screen shot, the member now sees other accounts that have been linked to his account number (those highlighted in green). To access those other accounts, all the member needs to do is click on them.

Set up: To link your accounts, just give us a call at (231) 723-3400 and let us know that you want to request both “Preview” and “Jump” access on all your accounts. If you’re linking to another individual’s account, such as dependent or spouse, then that other member will need to contact us to verify they are giving you access to their account. For joint owners, the primary account holder will need to call and set up access.